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Why do I have to take this course?

Under Florida Statue 61.21, any person filing for divorce, child support, custody, paternity, etc in the State of Florida must complete a 4 hours course designed to educate, train, and assist divorcing parents in regards to the impact of divorce on parents and children

I am not getting divorce, I am just filing for child support/custody, etc. Is this the right course?

Yes, the course is the same whether you are filing for divorce, child support, custody, etc.

Why is the course called "Surviving Divorce a Guide for Parents" and not "Parents Education and Family Stabilization"?

Because the rules of the Florida Department of Children and Families, require that each provider use a unique name to identify their course. The Parents Education and Family Stabilization Course is the generic name DCF assigned to all courses approved by the agency.

Does your course meet the requirement for the Parents Education and Family Stabilization course?

Yes, it does. We have been approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families to fulfill the requirements for the PEFS.

If I take the online class, how long do I have to wait to get my certificate?

If you take the online course, you'll get your certificate as soon as you finish. The certificate will be generated automatically once you complete the course. If you take a live class, you'll receive your certificate at the end of the class.

I don't have a printer, how can print the certificate?

The certificate is generated as a PDF file, which you can save in your computer, transfer it to a flash drive or portable memory, email it to another computer connected to a printer (i.e work computer) or simply take it to a place like Office Depot where they would print it for a small fee (usually less than $1 dollar)

Can you send the certificate directly to the court?

No, you are responsible for delivering the certificate to the court, or giving it to your attorney.

I don't have a computer, can I use a tablet or phone to complete the course?

It might be possible to take the online course using a tablet or cellphone; however we DO NOT recommend you do it. Some parts of the course might be difficult to read in a small screen.

Do I have to sit on the computer for 4 hours straight?

No. You can login and logout of the course as often as you want. Your progress will be saved. Just make sure you finish the chapter you are working on before you logout, otherwise you might need to repeat the same chapter when you log back in. Once you start the course, you'll have 45 days to complete it. After 45 days, your account will become inactive and you will not be able to access the course anymore.

Can we take the course as a couple?

No, the certificate is issued only under the name of the person who registered for the class. The court will not accept a joint certificate.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay for the course?

No. PayPal is the service we use to process the online payment, but you can use a debit or credit card on the PayPal page to complete the payment. Please note that some pre-paid cards will not work with PayPal.

I never received the confirmation email to activate my account. What do I do?

The faster way to resolve this issue is to send us an email and we'll activate your account manually. Also, please check your spam folder, sometimes the confirmation email is mislabeled by the email provider as spam.

Can I use the "indigent status" for the online course?

We can only accept the indigent status form for our live classes. Because the way our online payment is setup, we are unable to provide any discount for the online class.

I filed my case in Miami Dade County and now my child must attend a course. Can he/she take this course?

No. Surviving Divorce a Guide for Parents is only for adults (the parents). Miami Dade County requires that children of certain ages attend a course called "Sand Castles" We do not provide that course nor we have any information about who does. Check with your attorney or court clerk for a list of providers in your area.

How much is the course and do I have to pay extra to get my certificate?

Our course is $39.00 and there is no extra charge for the certificate, which you will get immediately after you complete the course.

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